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We are just plants with complicated emotions

Another Super busy long weekend. Somehow, I manifested even more snow, which allowed for a snow day on Thursday, and then I took Friday off and today is Presidents Day. I think I really needed this time to work on some projects and just do homestead stuff. That’s exactly what I did. I got to work with stain to get a bit further on my potato box. It's basically done, but my immense need to unwind and recharge are making it a slow process. I need to find some hinges I like and order them. After that I'll stop procrastinating and get it done for a reveal. I am pleased to say I finally got to plant tomato seeds and some others I was looking forward to. In only a few days they have sprouted! Tomatoes are one item we use the most in our home, and I hope we will have enough as I planted 42 seeds. I hope the sarcasm is not lost lol.

The broccoli and Oregon Sugar Snap Peas are already doing the most! I have not had a fresh from the vine Oregon Sugar Snap Pea since I was a child. I cannot wait for the day in the very near future I walk out into my garden and taste the sweet, crunchy, fresh peas and share that moment with my family. In fact, there are so many moments I can picture clearly in my head that will come this year. Enjoying the fruits and veggies of our labor, from what we built as a family, is something I have imagined for years and this year, is the year I get to see it in real time.

We were able to get most of the brush pulled to the edge of the property and out of the way because Thursday, the lumber is arriving to start the garden build. Sadly, it is going to be a few weeks longer before building can start as we have some other projects and jobs that need to be completed first. That is ok. The best part of this life is it’s a bit slower. I am learning how to be more patient. I am learning to be in the moment, and in these moments with my family. Even though sometimes it is a struggle to get everyone excited about putting their boots and gloves on to go to work on our property, when we finally all make it out there, I am nothing short of proud. We work together and make short work of projects when we operate as a unit. It's so amazing to see and that feeling gets stored in a special place in my heart. Someday we will have less work to do and I look forward to having my kids and their kids visit. I look forward to all of us being able to look at our garden and know we all had a hand in building this. This is a reflection of our love as a family. This is the work of art we came up with.

The future holds so many beautiful moments to come, but right here in front of us on this journey, we are gifted beauty in every stage of this season of our life. The rings in the wood stumps and the brilliant colors. The sky, painting in watercolor, all pinks and orange and red. The wildlife that emerges after a snow and the weather teases us and them with a false spring, only to rain more snow again.

Like my seedlings, we are all in our infancy in this stage of our life. As seedlings, we will continue to grow and give nourishment to each other, until our life cycle is over. A lifecycle, just as these plants I adore.

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