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This is my canvas

After our trip, we jumped right back into building the homestead. First project, my compost bin. Remember when I told you about my sad box? No more! Now I can finally fill a bin and move it over to the next bin to turn it. What's even better is the build was almost free. The large pallet was leftover from our bed delivery and the rest we were able to get for free from a local company. We had picked up some old barn wood for cheap a few months ago to complete the front stalls. Very happy with this build.

Started from the bottom now we're here!

Moving on, we were able to finally start the garden beds! At first with the wood, we got into a groove and things were moving along really fast. The tin on the other hand is a bit more tricky, as we need to cut out smaller sections with notches to make rom for the posts on the inside. Even though it is taking a bit longer than expected, I am thrilled beyond words that we have broken ground. This is one of 4! beds! Seeing this one being built, it finally hit me how massive this garden is going to be!

I loved that we did this as a family. Bryan and Bailey cut and nailed and put screws in, I was the pack horse bringing the lumber to the right spot, hauling the tin and holding the materials while they were being cut. Sis was the dog sitter/ waitress/ cheerleader. As we were taking a water break, I told Bailey " Someday you will bring your kids here and bring them to the garden to eat strawberries and you will get to tell them you helped build this." I could se him light up with pride when I said that. The gift of creating something and being proud of that work far exceeds any technology that most of their generation enjoys. I think many people in this day and age have forgotten that. I am glad I have the opportunity to share this with my family.

Soon I will paint my canvas with food and flowers. I can't wait to watch my art flourish and feed my family, and my soul alike.

sis being adorable collecting walnuts :)

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