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The long productive weekend

It has been a while since I have sat down to actually WRITE. To be honest, I much more prefer to create video's. It is easier when I cant find the words. It has been a busy beginning of summer and by busy I mean, I'm buying all the plants. Which means I have to admit, many, most, almost all of the seedlings I started, died. I know now I need to have a fan and maybe some other powder stuff to keep the mold away for next year. Or maybe I need a greenhouse? If we EVER get dirt, I may just toss a few seeds in and see what we get for a late harvest. But for now, I have used up all of my pots and I'm not sure what I am going to do when they get too big for the pots. I'm manifesting dirt I guess by planning on it being here before they need to be transplanted.

Or maybe I will just buy Wal mart out of 5 gallon buckets.

Things are going well on my back porch garden. The Bell pepper is trying to make Bell Peppers, the tomatillo has sooo many flowers on it and I'm ready for that Salsa Verde! and the cucumbers have begun to blossom. Tomatoes too!

Even the Marigolds I started from seed are starting to bloom.

We had our first harvest over the long weekend. It was getting a bit hot for the Kale, so I finally got to use my dehydrator I've had since August. It did a great job! I'm currently trying to make banana chips.

And our cherry tree had fruit! It was a small harvest, but they were so yummy.

We also had a few birthdays. Bryan had a birthday, and Whiskey turned 2!

We made homemade Pizza...

I did a walkabout the property... are these walking onions?

We got to spend quality time with family, and friends. And we got to spend time doing our own thing as well, Bryan with his deck build and me with my Cricut. On top of making a whole lot of t shirts for a friend I also made this!

And finally, in case you forgot... Missouri is spectacularly beautiful. What did you do over the long weekend?

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