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Thanks for understanding

Hey guys. Ok so this is an early post. I wanted to give you a heads up, this week ahead is CRAZY! We have so much happening and going on so I think it going to be exciting to share this weekend!

So this post is about our adventure to Lowes today and a little tiny update. First of all, my handsome, wild mountain man came home with this business going on. I cannot describe how much I have wanted this! Is he not the most adorable man in the entire world?

he cracks me up!

Anyway, we went to Lowes today to trade some of untreated lumber we bought for treated lumber. I think this next weekend will be the beginning of our garden bed building!!!! Good thing too because my peas had to be transplanted. They are only a few weeks old and growing like weeds. I also have finally got a little pepper seedling which is very exciting!

Don't make fun of my knives taped together. Sometimes you have to make do with what you have.

So when I go to Lowes, I never agree to go unless I have money to burn because its pretty much my Disneyland. As you can see I had a bit too much fun today...

This is only a sneak peek. I thought, as I have been so busy preparing for this next week, I have very little content, why not share with you my new houseplant babies, and show you my old too, because THEY ARE GORGEOUS!

Here goes!

My string of bananas. what can I say... This sweet baby started out barely reaching from the sides of the pot to this! The photo does not give it justice as it just keep gaining length. This plant has become one of my top favorites!

My Golden Pothos, still being bratty after being watered is one of my most necessary pants. This guy tells me when it is time to water everybody based on how close it is to death. I literally butt watered it today, and I guess the water has not caught up yet. Tomorrow he will be standing tall and full of life!

Baby Aloe was given to me by a friend in North Dakota. He has been very unhappy lately so today we repotted in fresh soil. I hope he likes it better now.

Whatever succulent this is that has not died yet. Repotted in an old candle holder.

Monstera baby! All non succulents got fertilized today. I'm hoping for more growth as this baby has been stunted for months.

My grumpy cactus.

My Christmas cactus that continues to bloom to my delight!

My main Monstera. The OG. One of my most prized houseplants.

My slow growing string of pearls. I think if I give it a bigger pot, game over. It will flourish.

THE OG OG! My first baby is huge! If you can believe it this aloe is only 3? Still recovering from accidentally being left outside in MO summer but still vibeing and thriving.

My half dead because it froze in the mail and I havn't trimmed it yet swiss cheese plant.

The ZZ! half black half green.

This very happy cactus i bought today, and then made this pot.

Another of today's scores. I don't know what it is but its pretty! I loved the variegation.

And finally, I replaced my arrowhead plant as whiskey killed my last one, plus a blush pink arrowhead plant! I didn't even know these existed. so pretty.

I am soooo close to finishing my potato box.

And as per the usual.... It is just so beautiful here. Thanks for understanding my posts may be a bit late this week. I promise you, it will be worth it. until next time friends. BTW... what are you growing?

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