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Swimming in Cucumbers

Life has been so incredibly busy. I continue to make to-do lists that only half get done, and it seems there is no end in sight. I knew it would be hard work, but getting our homestead started has been so much more than I ever expected. However, when I get to go out and accomplish these tasks, and check them off the list, I feel pride. I finally got all of my tomatoes transplanted into buckets on Saturday, but I was unable to get all the melons transplanted into the dirt as I started getting dizzy and tired working in the heat. The garden is growing leaps in bounds every day, and with that growth, the pests have arrived in full force. These Japanese beetles have been obnoxious and I found a horn worm the size of a large slug on one of my tomatoes last night that infuriated me. Luckily, my Neem oil arrived in the mail and i also made a soapy water solution to spray everyone down...except the strawberry. The Strawberry plant was completely annihilated by the beetles, who thought they were going to move on to my potatoes, until I started spraying them with soapy water. Here is them in all their destruction last week. This week, the plant is brown and lifeless. RIP, Strawberry.

The Cucumbers are thriving. I started picking them this weekend and immediately canning pickles. I ended up with 3 jars, and will most likely be canning every weekend this summer, as they are very happy cucumbers. I even have 2 more varieties starting to set fruit, so to say I'm swimming in cucumbers in an understatement.

I picked this zucchini last night to cook up (it was bigger than in this photo) and it was delicious! I am so excited to be able to start eating from our garden. Another Zucchini is already growing to take the place of this one, and we also have 3 more yellow squash plants with budding new babies growing.

The tomatoes are setting fruit. SOOOO much fruit. Only the yellow pear are starting to get color and ripen so far, but seeing them grow the fruit bigger and bigger every day, has been a joy to watch.

A small Hornworm :(

My Tomatillos keep falling off when they are small and I am unsure when to pluck them. Anyone know anything about tomatillo's? I need your knowledge.

My Habanero's are excited and flowering!

Another little purple Bell is forming.

The Melon's are also excited. How cute and fuzzy is this?

The peas have surprised me. I really thought that these would not come up as I struggled with them. I am happy to say, I will get to taste Oregon Sugar Snap Peas this year, even if it is only a handful.

As always, I leave you with the beautiful view of Missouri.

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