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Sorry I left you hanging

It has been awhile. I don't really have an excuse other than life has been super busy. After our guests left from the 4th of July visit, I needed some downtime to recharge. Then, Covid hit our family. each one of us.... Individually. I am unable to smell or taste anything currently so that has been fun. It has been a long process of all of us being sick and taking care of family. In the meantime, our garden has been doing well. I forgot to get a picture but i have a half gallon of cherry tomatoes in the freezer at this point, and when the larger varieties start to ripen, i am hoping for a freezer FULL of tomatoes to can this winter. My cucumber has mostly died back with a few cucumbers here and there that are all small. My Lemon cucumber produced ONE fruit that I left too long on the vine so we didn't get to try it sadly. I'm hoping it may give one more, but the way things are going this year, my expectations are low.

The melons have begun to grow and have their moment to shine.

We finally did our potato harvest, which i knew would only yield small potatoes due to me over seeding and the small space I grew them in. However there were some decent sized potatoes to my surprise!

We also got to harvest our first Mortgage Lifter tomato. Sadly, i probably won't be able to taste it because of stupid Covid. But wow, what a beauty!

The tomato's are growing, growing, growing!

and the peppers are pretty happy too!

Frank is very supportive of Bryan eating snacks.

And Missouri is just GIVING!

Until next time!

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