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Shit happens

It finally happened. After waiting and waiting for our dirt guy to come through, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We borrowed and rented the items needed to haul 2 year old composted cow poop back to our property, which means the beginning of soil for the beds has begun!!! So I officially removed my Days with out dirt timer which ended up being 132 days. Did you know I could have grown an entire early crop in that amount of time? Anyway, it is a great start! Still a Long way to go as I think we will need another 13 loads of shit, and then we will need topsoil to mix in. All in all, we are super excited about finally getting going with this project.

The place we got the dirt also had a super old abandoned house that I fell in love with. I don't consider myself a photographer anymore, but I love to photograph abandoned buildings! Sadly my big camera battery was dead, so I snapped a few with my phone. Before we left with our last load, the owner gave me the cow skull! I was so thrilled!

Whiskey was a whole nerd, as usual. Bailey made him a fort, which whiskey approved of.

My husband is like HOT HOT. Here is a little thirst trap. I'm drooling :)

Missouri, still being so so so pretty!

Until next time.

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