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Planting and Growing

The onions and leeks are getting big!

This weekend I was able to get a lot of plants started, including all of my tomatoes. I also started the peppers to include Bell peppers, jalapeño, lemon spice jalapeño, Habanero, and a Peruvian pepper called ahi charipita. I have tried to grow this Peruvian pepper for 2 years in North Dakota. I babied it, had it in my bathroom, and it grew but then died as it likes the hot temperatures. I am hoping this year will be my year. I have wanted to taste these tiny angry peppers for years now, and I really hope I get to this year!

For these seedlings I decided to try heat mats. I think it made a world of difference because my broccoli and peas and a few tomatoes already burst to the surface with sprouts after only a few days.

In other news, the garlic I planted in October is still alive. I'm pretty excited to see if I can pull it off as a first time grower. I have heavily mulched it twice with cedar shavings and it seems to enjoy that. Any tips are appreciated! I'll keep you posted how it goes.

We got the property pretty well cleaned up as far as brush goes, but the snow and rain keep coming making the logs and wood too heavy to move in the soup of a swamp our property has turned in to. However, eventually, I think Bryan is going to make this an end table. I think its going to be a beautiful addition to our home, and something to pass on to our family.

If you haven't guessed already from my other posts, one of the most important things to me, is legacy. I hope that my children remember all of this and they tell the story of this end table to their grandchildren. I hope that this blog serves as a memoir for them to know we did this for them and for all who come after them. That time seems far away, but time feels to be in hyper speed as we get older. So for now, I can just document this journey, and enjoy sunsets on my porch and hope that things slow down just a hair.

If you are interested in picking up some heating mats or grow lights, you can purchase them at the links below.

Heat mat-


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