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My whole post disappeared before I could publish...

I wrote a whole emotional post. I went to hit publish and the site did not save. I lost it all. So here goes round 2, with less emotional words and stories... well maybe a few. Our onions have sprouted!

Peyton got to harvest the first of our Aerogarden Lettuce. Bryan cheffed up some amazing burgers from our fresh beef, and the lettuce was a lovely addition. You cant beat fresh home grown food when it comes to flavor.

We got snowed in, and hosted our first family game night!

When I was leaving work on Tuesday, it was incredible. The fog rolled over the bridge and through the mountains. When I rolled my window down the humid air hit my face and the scent of pine, or some other tree was intoxicating. I knew I would never be able to describe it to you in a way where you could feel or smell it, but I had to share.

I am so sad my original post was lost. I think it was my best work yet, and absolutely a post you deserved instead of this quick note. I am exceptionally frustrated that my work was lost. Next week i will deliver! But for right now as i'm sitting here in my sweats, dying my hair, cussing the internet gods, snuggling back up on the couch with my little boys sounds like a plan instead of being mad. But I can promise you, next week will be amazing ;)

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