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Murphy's Law

It has been a week. Really, the past three days have just been shitty. Everything that could go wrong did, and they were all very small things. The kicker to this story is that my hormones have been psychotic for the past 3 days causing all of these little things to be really big things to me. Or it could be that I have quit vaping... either way the last few days have been stupid. Today, I sat down to finally edit what I had filmed and... I forgot to turn on the mic. So there in no sound to anything I filmed this week.... gahhhh! But no worries, I just did a fantastic voiceover for you that I hope you enjoy!

I was however quite accomplished, making a years supply of laundry soap, some banana blueberry oatmeal muffins, and artisan bread that turned out to be the best bred I have ever made. It is incredibly soft with a light crisp on the outside. It is a no knead easy recipe, so if anyone is interested in the recipe, I can link it below.

Today, I made blueberry lemon muffins, a 3 tier cake (its not looking so hot lol), and 3 trays worth of dog treats. The feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day makes me so happy and proud of myself. I needed this feeling out of the work I do, and I am enjoying this new life.

My husband also hung these floating shelves for me so my babies can have the moment they deserve. Just look at how long that string of bananas is! The string of pearls is really happy as well.

Anyway, I am hoping this weekend will be the start of some outside projects, but as for right now, I am enjoying the slow days, with my baking projects, and puppy snuggles. Until next time!

follow for the bread recipe :).

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