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Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Missouri has been an adventure. After accepting a position ahead of my husbands release date from the military, I moved to Missouri with only half of my family and 2 of my 3 dogs. It took us two days and 15.5 hours to get here. My gracious mother in law put us up for a few months as I got settled into my new career, enrolled my daughter in school, and signed the documents to buy our forever home. This all on the heels of only just

having my husband back from 7 months overseas on a remote tour, was challenging. I do not like driving long distances or in cities, but I conquered. I do not like taking the lead role and adulting, but I completed the purchase of our home and maintained an empty house until my family arrived. I do not like change but I persevered.

Missouri... took my breath away as I watched her change from summer, to fall... and eventually winter. What a gift it is to be rooted. What a journey it has been to get here. Missouri makes it all worth it, as she paints the skies in brilliance, and the earth in new shades of green, and then yellow and orange, then wipes the slate clean with brown and white. I wake each day with gratitude and a curiosity of what gifts we will encounter today.

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