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Making Stock

Making stock is super easy, however time consuming. Its an excellent staple to have in the pantry to add to soups, and other dishes. In fact I have Turkey stock on the shelves right now from our Thanksgiving turkey. Stock is a way to preserve even the scraps so that nothing goes to waste. Even my veggies after being boiled down end up in the compost, which creates zero waste and helps to create soil. To make vegetable stock, you will need to collect the scraps of carrots, celery, garlic and onions and keep them in the freezer. Once you have 1 or 2 gallons bags full, you are ready to make your stock. The basic recipe is:

1 Gallon bag of veggie scraps

1 large pot of water

That's it! I boiled the scraps until the water turned a gorgeous golden brown. then I prepped my water bath canning supplies and canner. I strained the stock into my jars, wiped the rims, and seal them finger tight. Then I dropped them into the canner for about 35 minutes. The time to be left in the canner depends on where you live and your elevation. I have found this is the most annoying part as I can't math, and google sometimes does not give me the answer I need.

Fun fact! if you add red onion scraps, your broth will have a reddish purple color.

Let me know if you have any stock recipes you love that I can try.

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