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Making Progress

It was a busy weekend. I spent all day Saturday getting to know my new Cricut Maker 3. Very excited to upgrade as this expands my abilities for crafting. I even did my first portrait of a friends dog Roman.

Sunday was also exceptionally busy as I needed to transplant my seedlings, or most of them. I ran out of cups.

Then meal prep for dinners, and chopping and freezing bell peppers. And after that, we were able to finish the tin on the first garden bed. Bryan had a job that morning to complete, so when he said he was almost home, I set up our building area, and had everything ready to go.

We learned so much from this first build, like how I do not enjoying assisting with the cutting of tin, and how we plan to avoid having to notch the tin the next go round. I am exceptionally happy to get one box most of the way built. We also found a better deal for soil that is half the price and they put it directly in the bed!

It was a very busy weekend that I mostly forgot to document. My head has not been in the game since visiting my Grandfather. I have been working on myself, and how to sort my emotions. I spent time enjoying the sunshine and listening to the birds with my breakfast, enjoying the space of not thinking, just living in the moment. I love when I get to do this. It's so good for my soul to just enjoy nature on our property. It makes me look forward to summer when the air will be humid and all of the birds will be out singing and snacking at the bird feeder. and I will be having these moments with my plants in the garden.

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