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It was a busy weekend...

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

On Thursday I had to go home from work early. I could tell something just wasn't right. I was off balance, literally, brain fog, body aches and I kept feeling hot and then cold. I was certain I was about to be sick or even the dreaded... Rona! That night felt like a 50 lb. weight was on my lungs and I struggled to breath laying down. I stayed home the next day as well as the body aches were still very present and the way my body was communicating, it felt like I was about to have the mother of all colds. I took my vitamins the night before, a Covid test (negative) and an elderberry gummy. halfway through my Friday of working from home, all but the body aches had gone away. I guess my immune system kicked, whatever that was, right in the ass.

So Saturday morning we were able to find a new home for an abandoned dog that had shown up at our home. What a good girl she was. We had begun to call her ginger as she was the most beautiful red coat dog I had ever seen. She appeared to just be a puppy, and so respectful. We enjoyed having her while we did, but her new home... let me just say I'm jealous. Ginger girl gets to live in my dream house, a giant log cabin on an 11 acre farm, with a family that will spoil her more than we did (and we spoiled her rotten). I'm so happy for her, and I'm glad she came to our house so we could help her.

After this, on Sunday, we trekked all the way to Illinois ...

to pick up this guy....

48 cubic feet of beauty! Peyton says she thinks I can probably fit my tomatoes in there this summer to save for winter canning. I would have to agree lol.

We also had time to entertain and get new décor hung up at the house. Its safe to say, it was a busy weekend, and I would like another please.

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