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Updated: Jan 20, 2022

About a month ago, we sectioned off the garden with twine. We knew we needed to cut down tree's, but the holidays kept us so very busy, that we left it untouched until after the new year. Luckily, our electric company took down the largest tree. We have realized that after serving the military for so long, we have much to learn as neither if us know much about falling tree's safely. Now that this one tree is down, we had to get to work, or should I say, my hunky husband had to get to work with his new chainsaw to start cutting the log up for firewood. I had hope to help haul and chop, but before I got a chance, the spring temperatures in December gave way to the elegant white coating, cleansing fall away. My husband kept a round of the tree to create a cutting bard for me. He doesn't like anyone knowing this, but he is romantic. this first tree that was cut on our property had two hearts connected in the center. He wanted me to have this cutting board with two hearts, because our two hearts are connected just like the tree. Obviously I melted.

As we are forced to stay cozied up inside as the cool temperatures move in, we can appreciate just what an incredible place we live in. The beauty of the skies is a close second to North Dakota. Missouri is slowly winning over my heart.

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