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It's finally time!

It feels like forever since I have been able to start seeds. Its the moment I have been waiting for for years! I say years because, starting seeds for our garden at our forever home is what I daydreamed about at my desk at work in North Dakota. Knowing that these seeds will turn into food for us in a few months is a dream come true. We started these a few weeks late. Time has a way of being sneaky and suddenly here we are late to the seed starting season. Luckily, I had an excellent, albeit messy, helper.

I love that Peyton planted each seed. I love that she is connected to this garden from the beginning to the end. It only makes sense my little green thumb take the lead, because she is the reason I fell in love with gardening. So far no sprouts, but I will keep you posted!

but what to do when these sprout, and its time to start more seeds?.... we are almost out of space and this is just onions! any ideas?

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