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Impatiently waiting for harvest time

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Winter is not my favorite. I dislike the cold, but I do enjoy days spent snuggling on the couch, while it snows outside. I HATE not having a garden. I am all exceptionally impatient. I want to go full steam ahead harvesting and preserving, but we are not there yet. In the meantime, to scotch my itch, I can from the grocery store. A few days after Christmas this year, I was in Walmart. I went in for one thing, and decided to pause the canning aisle, where a decision was made. "Today I'm making pickles!" I had previously attempted to pickle beets. I misread the recipe so I am unsure how they turned out But the beets just got me excited about canning. I never would have thought I would crave canning food. IT IS ADDICTIVE! so I loaded up on supplies and cucumbers and Sis assisted with canning a bunch of pickles. I had leftover brine and I guess you can can this too! so i'm set for next time. I still cannot wait to harvest and can this summer and fall, but fr now, my itch has been scratched... until next month haha.

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