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If I was a plant

We have been hustling lately. We were able to get our big freezer organized, I have been able to finally play on my Cricut, Planted even more seeds and I had to make more pickles because my family ate all of the last batch giving them the title of "The best pickles I have ever had in my life." This time around I experimented with pickling jalepeno slices and relish. I'll let you know how they turn out.

In between we were able to enjoy the wildlife of our property and spend time as a family. I will never not think it is cool to see deer and turkey's on the property....until they start eating my garden.

We recently had a storm come through that most feared would lead to a tornado. Thank goodness it didn't. The morning of the storm, The insects put on a symphony. I know to most native Missourians, this is normal, but for me it was stunning.

Each day I experience at least one thing that makes me feel in awe, connected, and rooted here. Each morning I see deer on my drive to work, or a possum, or a raccoon and in true Amber fashion I roll my window down and wish each of them good morning. All of these things have been exactly what i needed. I have noticed that my anxiety has lowered significantly here. All of these pieces, to include making lifelong friends here has contributed to that. I was telling Bryan the other night, "If I was a plant, I would have roots, leaves and I would be blooming."

Until next time.

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