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Happy Sweet 16

My son, my first born, turned 16 yesterday. I was always told by my elders, when you become an adult, time moves fast, but when you become a mother, you blink and they are grown. I did not believe them. In fact, sometimes, it felt like time stood still, in those perfect moments with my children where the sun was shining on us, and it felt surreal.

My son was born in Belgium, January 28th, 2006. My water broke in the middle of the night and Bryan woke up asking me why I pee'd on him. When I told him what was happening, he sprung to action, grabbing bags, throwing shoes on in a panic to get me to the hospital. In this moment, I found, was the most peaceful I have been in my life. I told him to slow down, take a nap, let me make breakfast and shower. Bryan was so confused. I think all we knew was from the movies. Water breaks, you should definitely be in a panic. But he napped. I casually went about preparing for my hospital stay, and making sure we had everything together until the contractions started to hurt. Then off we went.

I opted for an epidural, which I was convinced did not work, because the back labor was intense. Before the Doctor could even arrive, 3 pushes and my little tiny baby was crying on my chest. They kept us in the hospital for days, even though we were fine. Belgium does things differently. Seeing my husband bond with my son was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. I remember clearly sitting in my hospital bed, and seeing the sun shine on both of them as if god was there, as if there was a halo of light around them and they were the only two people in the room. To them, I think they were. I was witnessing unconditional love in that moment. Love at first sight. and my heart spilled over with love for my tiny family, Bryan and I had created.

My tiny baby grew into a wild child. Full to the brim of spunk, goofiness, energy, and a love of cars. I cannot begin to count the times we had to watch lightning McQueen. I love that that is still your passion and your dream today to work on cars. I got to see your passion flourish from when you were toddling around to now, and it has been such a gift to me as your mother.

I wonder, when did this happen... when did you grow up? Where did the time go?

When did my little chunky baby turn into a young man?

I have loved watching you grow, and walking this path as your mom. You my son, are incredible. You are funny, and goofy, and wild...

You are an adventurer, a world traveler....

your an awesome big brother, you are kind, and generous...

you have got style!

you are the MOST handsome boy in the world...

and most of all, you are so loved. Happy Birthday son. Watching you grow into the young man you are today has been the most beautiful journey. I can't wait to see where life takes you next. I know you are driven, and so smart, and when you set your mind to something, heaven and earth cannot move you. I am so proud of you. Love mom.

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