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Friends are like fertilizer

There has been tremendous change this last year. The transition from military life to civilian has been a struggle for me, and continues to be. I don't like change at all. Change has the power to either excite me, terrify me, or completely break me down mentally. Sometimes it is more than one of those, and it is a lot to deal with. I was unsure in the beginning how life would be here, and if it was even possible for me to put in roots. Falling in love with Missouri, and our property started that process, but in growth, you need a food source. In this case food for the soul. I have been lucky enough to make some of the best friends I could ask for here. They have scooped me up and claimed me as one of the tribe. They have fed my soul with love. In this way, friends are like fertilizer.

So this weekend we all finally were able to hang out together, for the first time. 2 days of hanging out and we had a blast!

I also was able to move my craft area to it's permanent spot in the basement, and try my heat press for my first big order of shirts. I learned that vinyl shirts are not going to be a thing of the future, but sublimated shirts will be. Far less weeding and room for error, and in the end, sublimation just offers a better looking product.

The doggo's were doggo's...

and Missouri is still Missouri.

Sometimes it is good to take some time to just catch up with friends and tasks, while your garden grows. Sometimes it is not all that busy and you can relax before the busy harvest season comes. It is all a necessary part of the way we live now. It also makes me feel as if I have begun to live concurrent with the ebb and flow of the earth. I find peace in that.

Until next time.

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