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Coming to terms with reality

Photo credit: Brianna Bunners 2022

First off, my apologies for missing my weekend post. When the weather is nice, I tend to want to be social, annnndddd I was which led to a recovery day lol. However, towards the end of my recovery day, I was very accomplished. Sis and I went on an adventure to Wal Mart to buy dirt, and ended up buying much more than expected.

We decided it was time to fill our flower boxes with flowers. I love how this turned out! My favorite flower was this two-tone Gerber daisy.

I have been coming to terms with the fact that, the dirt delivery is going to be quite delayed. The thing is, it keeps raining. When it rains the ground gets soft and the heavy machinery cannot run on it or it will get stuck. We need a few days in a row of no rain, but Missouri keeps pumping it out like a faucet from above. My frustration with this has become unbearable, as I watch my seed started plants grow and I am unable to plan for the hardening off period, because I have no idea when the dirt delivery will arrive. So, my solution is to bite the bullet, and continue with a container garden until the dirt arrives. This will be another hefty expenditure, as dirt is expensive! I have far too many seedlings and I will also require more pots. This is my only option at this point. So I bought some laundry baskets and planted my potatoes.

It's not the prettiest in the world, but they are so late to be planted and it needed to happen. If you know me well, you know potatoes are something I have dreamed of planting. When I am feeling down I watch potato harvests on YouTube for hours and it makes me feel better. Just one of my many quirks.

I also purchased some other plants including peppers, more varieties of tomatoes, cilantro etc. that I plan to transplant this upcoming weekend into pots and have a little back porch garden.

And this ivy, just because you can never have too many houseplants :)

The weather has been really nice lately, in fact we got close to 90 degree's this weekend. Peyton enjoyed playing in the kiddie pool with the dogs and drowning wolf spiders with the hose.

We have a baby deer that seems to enjoy hanging out on our road. He had better not get any ideas about my garden.

With the warm weather, and the humidity brings the fog. I love my morning drive, especially when you get such a beautiful view.

Until next time! Keep growing <3

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