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Catching up in January

Its been a week and some change. but man, blogging is hard to keep up. its not like posting on Facebook every time something happens.... so i guess ill start out with some positive. I purchased this potato bin this summer here. i was so stoked. I had a potato bin growing up and it has been on my bucket list my whole life. But, it was kind of... not our style. i had a vision to take off all the paint and burlap and create something stunning... and well. its coming along. We sure got a surprise when sanding, but i'll save that for a different post. so far we have this....

Painting with stain is my jam. I like taking the road less traveled and creating something truly unique.

Another positive, Francis is absolutely the cutest little muffin man...

I now some of ya'll have not had good experiences with frank, but i swear, he is a joy... unless he is in a mood and he does not recognize you as a chosen one. Sorry Krista.

We recently did a little photoshoot so i could make the blog go live this last weekend, with only the worlds best photographer.... this guy...

But his talent shines through. he did an amazing job...

Now for the boo for a quick sec...

Sis got the vid.... and then i'm fairly certain she gave it to me... so i've been out of work dying. Its like my spine is on fire and just going to the bathroom makes me so tired i need a nap. Luckily, my husband came up with an amazing concoction of vitamins and im starting to feel better.

But before all that, we had a pretty epic day spending time with my nephew, (who happened to be my best friend this day which was epic) and he made best friends with whiskey while watching his dad and uncle cut down tree's in the yard.

I got a shot of my future two heart cutting board...

I decided to use my new canner ( which aggravated the hell out of me because i couldn't get the lid to go on or off!) and can some veggie stock from scraps i was saving. it turned out so gorgeous.

Bailey has a dance coming up and selected this suit, which is epic! (how cute are my kids tho??!!)

The Aerogarden is very nearing harvest...

Bryan tried to boil my water bottle, because he is an excellent house husband... but shrunk it. i guess i bought it, i've been shrinking his shirts for years.

Peyton is so stoked to go to tryouts for volleyball. thank goodness she moved her "practice" outside, away from my houseplants, but dad has been a great coach.

Bryan reminded me today when i was finally coherent, that we missed our window to start some onion crops and we needed to get on it! so of course, it was seed suitcase time!

And to leave you all on a positive note, Francisco's bum as he cuddles his baby. I literally work hard so i can spend time with my little best friend. My goal is to retire so he and i can second every day together. He has been missing helping me garden and sampling the goods. My little partner in crime. Love of my life. Angel on earth.

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