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Busy Busy Busy

Life sure is busy. With the start of school, and work demands, free time is valuable and hard to find.

The tomatoes keep producing though, even if I have neglected to water them a few times this week. Luckily, our beds are full of soil and we are planning our fall garden. I am so excited to finally frow in my beds. On Friday, I took the day off to spend time with my husband. We were up bright and early to even out the dirt to be ready for our dirt guy to fill the low spots for us. Now this project is complete.

We may transplant some of our bucket plants into this soil to see how things go. It would be much easier to water everyone all in the same space, as opposed to the 3 garden locations we have currently. We also need to figure out a permanent solution to watering. Ideally, I would like the watering to be done automatically via timer, however, we need good soaker hoses that won't split apart after only a few weeks. Suggestions welcome!

We got to celebrate this Beautiful girl who just turned 18! Happy Birthday Heaven and congrats on being a legal adult!

Here is some of our most recent harvest. I have been picking lots of peppers and dehydrating them so make spices! and I'm packing the freezer with tomatoes. I cannot wait until i get to start my fall canning projects :) We also have some musk melons growing in the front yard. Sadly, the wildlife got the first taste and ate our largest one. We hope we get to to try them as well.

As always, Missouri is stunning. Until next time!

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