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A Productive Weekend

It was a fun week at work. We had a cow on campus for our Agribusiness class and I got to pet it!

Peyton had her first formal dance...

Followed by a sleepover with one of her friends. We did all kinds of crafts including Tye Dye, Painting and making seed bombs.

And then we went to a family Birthday party where I met and made friends with this sweet baby Squeaks.

Then today I planted all of my Peonies and Black Lilly's in the front of the house before we embarked on our continuation of our garden build. Today we finished all the big pieces of tin, edged the top of a second bed with wood, and started rebar.

Our peach tree is blooming and my little garden bed is thriving. The garlic is looking happy and healthy, and back when the ground was still frozen I planted some seeds, just to see if maybe they would come up. They have! life is springing up everywhere, and spring is fully here. Hopefully we can finish these beds this week, working on them after work, and then DIRT!

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