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A Minor Crisis

Hey guys, sorry for the late post. This last week we had an unexpected and sudden stressor, and poor Whiskey reacted poorly with having blood in his stool for a few days. After following the vets orders, medicine, and a few days of snuggles while listening to relaxing dog music, Whiskey is back to being his sweet adorable self. This experience has changed me in a very positive way to stop and think before I react. I think this was a huge blessing and something I have always struggled with. I am happy to report I have not slipped on this commitment even once.

Frank was also quite concerned which made him SUPER snuggly.

I got in for a a hair trim and requested some layers. They ended up a bit short for my liking, but honestly, it gave me a look I never would have picked for myself and I kind of like it. My curls are back and that has made me super happy to see.

Ive also been a busy bee in the kitchen. I am making a brisket for dinner, a potato salad featuring our home grown potatoes, and a maple bourbon salad. I have been trying to get us in the habit of eating more eggs to prepare us for chickens. In fact, I have been eating a lot of hot and sour soup, which may have contributed to some weight loss as I have been up moving around and wearing my weighted vest. I am the kind of person who believes everyone is beautiful no matter the weight they are at, but I am happy that my health is getting better and I have increased stamina. I also baked two loaves of sandwich bread, Prepped the sausage and eggs for breakfast sandwiches tomorrow morning, and made 3 baking sheets worth of homemade sweet potato dog biscuits. I let them try the dough and I think these are going to be a big hit with my little boys. I also ended up making a big batch of mean green juice for us to enjoy and to ensure that the food we have gets used instead of thrown out.

One of the challenges of leaving my job is cooking with what I have more often. We purchase a hog and a half cow from the butcher, and many of the cuts I am not familiar with using, so being creative and trying new recipes has been a must, but also really fun.

We also spent some time this weekend looking at the seeds we have and planning the garden. I still need to put me seed start dates into my phone reminders, but its exciting that the planting season is about to rev up again! Another project for this year is i plan to turn the front yard area into my flower garden. We still have a lot of extra dirt and I have dreamed of my goth garden for years, so this year I am making it a reality. Just wait until you see all the beautiful flowers I am going to grow!

Missouri always offers the most beautiful skies. Until next time my friends!

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