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9 May 2022

The drives to work in the morning are so beautiful. I have been observing the green come in many shades to cover the brown the winter left behind. The rain sure does bring Missouri to life.

In other news, my son started his first job the he gets a paycheck for. I am so proud of him. He has been driving quite a bit lately as he is determined to get his license.

I have been planting and planting and repotting and planting. I still don't have dirt, and I have almost run out of pots, but it sure makes me happy to get my hands in the dirt and sow seeds that hope to produce food in the future. After my grandfather passed, I spent a day just planting, because dirt is healing to me. In fact, there are some scientific studies that show that dirt can assist in depression symptoms and other mental health difficulties. I think that is how I was able to grieve appropriately and be able to function after losing my grandfather. I planted cucumbers, peas, patty pan squash, zucchini, watermelon, and a variety of cantaloupe that I cannot remember, but I believe it was a historical seed. I hope they all come up and we get to experience new flavors this summer. I also planted herbs and repotted more and more tomatoes. I picked up a few new varieties of tomatoes at the State Tech plant sale, as well as an elephant ear plant and a cayenne pepper. I also picked up a goliath tomato at the farmers market and a sun gold at Wal Mart. I have quite a collection now, not even including the ones I am trying to keep alive inside as we slowly start hardening them off. I even planted flower seeds in one of the boxes in the front of my house. I checked them this morning and watered and there are so many baby starts coming up!

This week we will have weather in the 90's and no rain for 4 days. I am hopeful that a dirt delivery may happen before the weekend, but I don't want to get my hopes up too high to be let down. With the change in the weather, my morning routine had to change, so I now need to water my outdoor plants before I leave in the morning. I actually really like it because it gives me a chance to check on the status of my seeds every day. I have a baby potato start that has started growing out of the side of one of the laundry baskets I have them planted in. This is so exciting because I am almost equally as excited and passionate about growing potatoes.

I also added to my houseplant collection and finally picked up a string of hearts, that has been long on my bucket list for houseplants. It is absolutely adorable, and so pretty. I love it so much!

I also had my first custom request for a Cricut project and made this. I hope to eventually start a t shirt business, but I will need my basement back for that as well as a significant investment into the equipment needed to be able to do this the right way. I also hope to offer custom vinyl here, on the blog in the future. Currently, I am in a deficit of time to be able to support that. However, I am always working creating the pieces that need to go with those products like marketing, tags, stickers, etc. I may offer a limited supply of Merch T shirts this summer. Would that be something you all would like to have offered? Please let me know. Stay tuned! Until next time.

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