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14 February, 2022

A bit of catch up. Things have been so busy lately that I needed to take my normal business day on Saturday off. I get so burnt out when it comes to the social of the work week, that at times, i have to take a personal day to just be. Here is the latest and greatest you have missed in the past week or so.

Francisco turned 3! My sweet little muffin man. Every day since you came into my life, I have smiled. You bring me so much joy, and laughter. Happy 3 years buddy! I love you to the moon and back Mr. Woo.

He got a Birthday box, and he loved it!

We had another family game night, that was just as fun as the last.

I even got to be in the picture this time thanks to Tina!

I cant remember if i shared this or not, but Bryan has been enjoying the rotisserie feature of the Air Fryer and has been cheffing up some delicious dinners.

I got a Cricut Joy, and Peyton and I have been having so much fun crafting.

But the most exciting part is, we ordered the lumber needed to start my garden beds, and yesterday we went to pick up a bulk of the tin roof we are using for the garden bed walls! as you can see I was quite excited.

And after, Bryan treated his ladies to Longhorn Steakhouse. It was delicious!

And Missouri is still giving me sunrise after sunrise, taking my breath away.

I think that is it for now. Until next time :)

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