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Our Journey

My husband and I met in the Air Force While deployed in Kyrgyzstan. After we married I chose to end my military career to focus on our growing family.  I supported my husband and raised our children while moving every 4 years to and from Europe. Our journey, we knew, would always lead us to roots, somewhere. We had many different plans and big dreams along the way, in various arrays of grandeur.

After 20 years of service, My husband was able to retire from the military and we were able to put down roots in Missouri.  My husband grew up here, and we are surrounded by family. For me, these roots are especially important for my children, who have struggled moving from school to school over the years. For me, these roots mean we get to build our dream life from the ground up starting with the garden.

Our aspirations of self sufficiency have begun to sprout with our action and perseverance. This summer and fall I plan to learn how to can and preserve our food for winter to allow my family the best chance of health and the pleasures of flavor in the food we grew with love.   But our plans don't stop with the garden, that is just the heart of it... the roots of our family. I invite you to walk this path with us, and cheer us on as we learn, as we win and as we fail. 

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